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#1 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [Éditorial] Support et discussion » 2021-05-14 02:25:19

Just use the E and it will be all fine, Philippe :-)

PS: Did you break the Extension page while trying to get the E corrected :-) LOL

#2 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [Éditorial] Support et discussion » 2021-05-13 03:47:10

Hi Philippe

I can't see the theme in my Dashboard - Blog Appearance - "Add Themes", when I click on E. I have only Extreme Georgia in my list.
Is that caused be the É?

I like the theme very much. Thumbs up!

There is just one issue. You need to add:  img {max-width: 100%;}

#3 Re : English » A page as the home of my site » 2021-03-21 04:19:00

Thank you very much Pierre. I didn't know that we have that choice.

It's to find in Blogs, click on the blog's name, and then scroll to Blog presentation, "Entry URL (its content will be used for the static home page): "

#5 Re : English » Cannot write or edit a post. » 2021-03-17 04:13:59

Hello Seonbae

Since the menu works in the original theme, I can only assume that either you changed something with the files or you added Javascript that coincidently stops the menu from working. Did you enable Javascript in Blog settings?

#6 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [New theme] A flower makes my day » 2021-02-25 05:05:39

After sorting out the last pieces, I uploaded the theme to the public.

Après avoir trié les dernières pièces, j’ai téléchargé le thème au public.

#7 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » Magalogue, un nouveau thème magazine » 2021-02-25 03:04:43

Bonjour Lomalarch

C’est un beau thème. J’adore ça, ça a l’air Français.

Il n’y a qu’un seul problème :
Je suis sur un moniteur 1366px. L’utilisateur 1920px est l’utilisateur par défaut de nos jours, mais il ya encore assez d’utilisateurs 1366px.
Le « header fixe » prend près de 1/3 de mon moniteur. J’ai pris le « fixe » et maintenant il fonctionne pour moi.

Hello Lomalarch

It's a beautiful theme. I love it, looks very French.

There is only 1 problem:
I'm on a 1366px monitor. The 1920px user is the default user nowadays, but there are still enough 1366px users.
The "header fixed" takes almost 1/3 of my monitor. I took the "fixed" out and now it works for me.

#8 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [New theme] A flower makes my day » 2021-02-24 02:16:08

Thanks, Franck.

I updated once more the zip file. With taking out the unwanted JS code in user_head.html, I had deleted the viewport.

#9 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [New theme] A flower makes my day » 2021-02-23 05:11:30

I found the problem, Philippe. I had tested several JS for "Go to Top" in Head.html and User_head.html but didn't remove the one that I didn't use.
I have updated the Download file.
Click on Comments works now.

Many thanks!

#10 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [New theme] A flower makes my day » 2021-02-22 18:20:06

Hmmm, champ de commentaires a été rendu accessible, mais le clic, merci pour cela. Doit être l’incompatibilité Javascript (Lissez vers le bas)
Hmmm, comment field has been made accessable, but the click, thanks for that. Must be the Javascript incompatibility (Smooth down)

#11 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [New theme] A flower makes my day » 2021-02-22 15:24:40

I have now taken out my htaccess. It should work now.

I also adjusted the link, sorry ...

#13 [dc2] Thèmes » [New theme] A flower makes my day » 2021-02-21 05:07:42

Réponses : 14

What can one do during lockdown in a cold, dark and rainy winter? Think garden, think sunshine.

I made a new theme and wanted to share it with you.

"A flower makes my day" is a classic layout with text to the left and sidebar to the right.

Please let me know if you like it.

Que peut-on faire pendant l’enfermement dans un lockdown, sombre et pluvieux? Pensez jardin, pensez soleil.

J’ai fait un nouveau thème et je voulais le partager avec vous.

"A flower makes my day" est une disposition classique avec du texte à gauche et barre latérale à droite.

S’ll te plaît, dis-moi si ça te plaît.

A flower makes my day:

Have a look


#14 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [Theme Avebury] Support » 2020-12-23 07:14:08

Just add to the custom.css:

#sidebar ,.post-excerpt p,.post-content p  {font-size: 90%;}

Both sidebar and content use the body font-size 1em. To get everything smaller you can change the body from "font: 1em/1.7 " to "font: 0.9em/1.7"

/* ------------------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------------------------------- */
body {background:#1D1D1D;color: #444444;font: 1em/1.7 "Arimo", sans-serif;}

But keep in mind that people have different browsers and setting. With my resolution, 1em is just fine. Others may have eye sight problems and generally use a browser text zoom for 120% for example.

Tip: keep a copy of your custom css. This part will not change again, but I might have to update the template for example if Dotclear changes and the custom.css would be overwritten.

#15 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » [Theme Avebury] Support » 2020-12-22 08:15:31

Hello NenadX

The behaviour is correct. The post itself is over the entire length and the sidebar goes underneath the post but it's widgets are horizontal.
To change that
1. Open custom.css
2. Replace the current lines in
/* -------------------------------------------------------------
--------------------------------------------------------------- */


dc-post #content,.dc-page #content{width: 100% !important;padding: 0px 5% 2.19em 5% !important;}
.dc-post #sidebar,.dc-page #sidebar{width: 100% !important;padding: 0 2.5% !important;}
@media only screen and (max-width:600px){
.dc-post div.widget,.dc-page div.widget{float:left;width:99.99999%;min-height: 200px;min-height: 20.0rem;}
}/* Do not remove this bracket, it belongs to @media */


@media screen and (min-width: 601px) and (max-width: 799px) {
.dc-post div.widget,.dc-page div.widget{float:left;width:49.66666%;min-height: 200px;min-height: 20.0rem;}
}/* Do not remove this bracket, it belongs to @media */


@media screen and (min-width: 800px) and (max-width: 1023px) {
.dc-post div.widget,.dc-page div.widget{float:left;width:33.33333%;min-height: 240px;min-height: 24.0rem;}
}/* Do not remove this bracket, it belongs to @media */


@media only screen and (min-width:1024px){
.dc-post div.widget,.dc-page div.widget{float:left;width:24.99999%;min-height: 235px;min-height: 23.5rem;}
}/* Do not remove this bracket, it belongs to @media */

#16 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » Aorakit 3B - Gestion des colonnes et Petite icône de lien ? » 2020-11-27 03:34:30

Qu’entendez-vous par "... l'équipe de Dotclear va bientôt mettre en ligne une màj majeure, mes thèmes actuels modifiés seront-ils toujours utilisables?"
Je n’ai fait que changer la disposition.
.post est correct. Vous trouverez la même chose dans les Aorakits d’origine.
J’ai téléchargé un exemple pour 2A (1 barre latérale sur la gauche)

What do you mean by "... l'équipe de Dotclear va bientôt mettre en ligne une màj majeure, mes thèmes actuels modifiés seront-ils toujours utilisables?"
I have only changed the layout.
.post is correct. You will find the same in the original Aorakits.
I have uploaded an example for  2A (1 sidebar on the left)

#17 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » Aorakit 3B - Gestion des colonnes et Petite icône de lien ? » 2020-11-26 04:00:34

Hello @Strindberg

Bing translate:

Les Aorakits sont très vieux et ne devraient pas être utilisés de nos jours. Ils sont agréables de donner une impression comment cela pourrait fonctionner, mais ils nécessitent trop d’ajustements.
Aorakits sont d’un temps avant l’iPhone d’Apple a été libéré. Depuis lors, nous devons faire des thèmes qui répondent à toutes sortes de moniteurs.

En outre, les modèles ont totalement changé. Actuellement, Dotclear a encore des solutions de contournement pour ouvrir ces vieux tpl. Cependant, comme vous l’avez dit, vous avez utilisé votre ancien thème pendant 14 ans, et vous allez utiliser le nouveau thème probablement pour la même période à l’avenir. Aorakit est un thème du passé qui s’est terminé en 2010,

Je vous ai rapidement fait un Aorakit 3A. Si vous regardez votre site web maintenant sur un smartphone ou différents moniteurs, vous pouvez voir la différence.

The Aorakits are very old and shouldn't be used nowadays. They are nice to give an impression how it could work, but they require too many adjustments.
Aorakits are from a time before Apple's iPhone was released. Since then, we need to make themes that are responsive to all kinds of monitors.

Also, the templates have totally changed. Currently, Dotclear still has got workarounds to open those old tpl. However, as you said, you used your old theme for 14 years, and you will be using the new theme probably for the same time in the future. Aorakit is a theme for the past which ended in 2010,

I have quickly made you a Aorakit 3A. If you look at your website now on a smartphone or different monitors, you can see the difference.

#18 [dc2] Bugs » DC2.18 - Theme support has changed? » 2020-11-21 05:56:06

Réponses : 0

Please try the following steps if you also get them.

Issue 1: Upload Theme "No notice message"

1. Create a new mysqli database
2. Upload the fresh, clean 2.18 installer files (zip)
3. Download any theme from the Extend page
4. In Blog Appearance, go to Install or manually upgrade and import the theme.
Result: "No notice message" error is given and theme is not immediately listed.

Issue 2: I noticed is that this doesn't seem to be supported any longer:

<!-- # Entry with an excerpt -->
<tpl:EntryIf extended="1">
<div class="post-content">{{tpl:EntryExcerpt}}</div>
<p class="read-it"><a href="{{tpl:EntryURL}}"
title="{{tpl:lang Continue reading}} {{tpl:EntryTitle encode_html="1"}}">{{tpl:lang Continue
reading}}</a><span class="readmore-ellipsis">...</span></p>

1. in DC2.18, have a theme that uses this code in __layout.html
2. Have a Post without excerpt.
Result: You should only see the post-tile, post-info and post-content
3. Add now a line in Excerpt and save
Result: Only the Excerpt line is visible
4. Go back to the Post and take out the Excerpt line and save
Result: the entire post-content is no longer displayed.

#19 Re : [dc2] Bugs » RSS Feed problème » 2020-10-27 03:45:08

@Tin, Seamonkey ist auf Firefox 60 basiert. Irgendwann wird auch Seamonkey nicht mehr RSS unterstützten.

Ich bin auch Seamonkey user seit 2008 :-)

Bing translate:
Seamonkey est basé sur Firefox 60. A un moment, Seamonkey ne prendra plus en charge RSS.
Je suis aussi Seamonkey user depuis 2008.

#20 Re : [dc2] Thèmes » Changement d'apparence du thème sur téléphone mobile » 2020-10-12 04:01:29


Bing translate:

Des thèmes comme Freshy DC2 sont de vieux thèmes statiques.

Si vous allez à la page thèmes et cliquez sur Responsive dans la navigation, vous trouverez des thèmes ll qui offrent une prise en charge pour les ordinateurs de bureau et les smartphones.

Themes like Freshy DC2 are old static themes.

If you go to the themes page and click on Responsive in the navigation, you will find ll themes that offer support for desktop and smartphones.

#21 Re : [dc2] Le coin des sorciers » I love Dotclear as it is » 2020-09-21 04:11:23

Thanks a lot, Franck.

The only reason why I have that WP blog on their .com website is that I sometimes share commands with others and I don't want to have my private blog in the public.

#22 [dc2] Le coin des sorciers » I love Dotclear as it is » 2020-09-19 05:16:05

Réponses : 3

It's just an emotional feedback.

I have been using Dotclear for more than 11 years now, and I'm always happy with the way how it works. I love my blog, and the software inspires me to be creative.

In 2018, I opened a Wordpress blog for my Linux commands and add sometimes a how-to post. I added this morning a new post and saw that Wordpress has changed the editor to what they call "blocks".

Working with systems and software for almost 30 years and always keen on observing new developments, I have rarely seen developments where it was all about a technical show-off, and the user was totally forgotten on the way to it. In a certain way, the new editor in Wordpress is like Windows 8 where MS was sure that users are happy with a blank desktop, or Gnome 3 where the Gnome team was sure that we are all low-minded who shouldn't get everything to see at glance, but have to click 3 times more that get what used to be obvious.

I do hope that Dotclear will never ever go that way and starts to create blocks.

#24 Re : [dc2] Le coin des sorciers » DC 2.17. - the input borders are so dark compare to the rest » 2020-08-28 03:35:13

Just an addition, Franck, already when I log in into the Dashboard, I have the dark border.  It's the same border-color: var(--input-border);

#25 Re : [dc2] Le coin des sorciers » DC 2.17. - the input borders are so dark compare to the rest » 2020-08-27 04:52:01

I'm using the Light mode. It's probably as you said, that 3rd party plugin. It has no color but a Javascript color.
Never mind if it can't be changed. I will get used to it.
Thanks, Franck.

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