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Is the Lab moving from Subversion to Mercurial?

I see still provides svn access, but no mention of hg. Is the Lab sticking with Subversion? Is there a new Mercurial URL?

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Re : Is the Lab moving from Subversion to Mercurial?

The Dotclear lab will remain on subversion for a while, mainly because it doesn't make sense to have a DVCS for it

The Dotclear "core" repository has migrated to MErcurial for several good reasons. One of them is because i kind of forced the team to look at it and to use it.
The other reasons :
* The dotclear core is maintained by several contributors, who may work simultaneously on the same single piece of code
* We wanted to work on different branches to test new features independently, and Mercurial is far easier to manage when having to deal with branching and merging
* Mercurial, as a distributed version control system, enables external contributors to submit more easily their own modifications to the core than with subversion.

Now, the Lab : it may be considered more as a bunch of independent projects, each one maintained by a single user.
Where subversion handles each directory as a potential sub-repository, Mercurial handles the whole tree as a single repository.
That would mean that if we migrate to Mercurial for the lab, each contributor may have to clone the whole tree to bring his or her contribution. That is huge.
The other scenario would be to create one repository for each plugin/theme. But it implies a heavy setup on the server side, and some other sites handle this kind of repository far better than us (see github or bitbucket)
Moreover, there are no real needs for a plugin to have a complex branch management : most of the changes are quite linear, and subversion is good at that.

So we do not see any good reason to migrate to Mercurial for the Lab. But that does not prevent users from hosting their plugin/theme on any DVCS :)

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