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Berlin theme (2.7) - work in progress?

Our friend tbtip hasn't only looked at the front page of my test blog like me and he was wondering why some pages look so different.
The sidebar is not dark-grey and list-style-type also appear.

category.html = works fine and seems to be correct

</div> <!-- End #main -->
{{tpl:include src="_sidebar.html"}}
</div> <!-- End #wrapper -->

tag.html, archive.html, page.html, tags.html contain old code: for example

</div> <!-- End #main -->

<div id="sidebar">
  <div id="blognav">
    {{tpl:Widgets type="nav"}}
  </div> <!-- End #blognav -->

  <div id="blogextra">
    {{tpl:Widgets type="extra"}}
  </div> <!-- End #blogextra -->

</div> <!-- End #wrapper -->

I suppose the Berlin theme is still not finished, but decided to let you know that's not finished in case of ...   (if "Column 'post_format' cannot be null (1048)" error was unknown to you who knows ...)

I Dotclear.

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