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Inscription : 2014-11-13 for hosting Dotclear blog

I am studying in a high school and I want to setup my own blog to share my knowledge with everyone. I don't have a big budget for the hosting and domain name. I am looking for a web hosting provider, who can offer the hosting at nominal cost and waive the domain fees. I have come across a web hosting provider who can meet my requirements. They are ready to offer free domain with the hosting package. Please check their startup plan at and let me know if it would be a good start for my Dotclear blog.

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Re : for hosting Dotclear blog

The plan seems to be a good plan for starting a blog. I couldn't find much info on size of databases for example and the whole storage space part really depends on what kind of blog you want to start. 5GB might be little if you plan on doing photos and videos, but for text it's more than enough. Remember also that shared hosting may have varying performance peaks depending on who you're hosted with. For a starter base, they look good "on paper". You might want to google a bit and see if you find customer reviews about them, might help make up your mind. Have fun blogging!

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