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Dotclear 2.1.6 changes

Hi all,

We are on the verge of releasing the next version of Dotclear. For several reasons (that will be detailled on the blog) it will be a bugfix only release.

In order to correct bugs and be ready for what will come next, there are a few changes made that have an impact on plugins and themes, but nothing should break your blog. Here are the details :

In your plugins, please add a return; after each p404() call. Not doing it will not matter in 2.1.6, it may have an impact on future versions.

If your plugins use JQuery: it was updated to 1.3, where obsolete [@attr] style selectors are not supported any more (see the JQuery doc.) Just remove the '@'.

In your themes, as a few typos were corrected, the 404 page may not be translated anymore. Remore the 's' at the end of 'This page does not exists' to correct that.

In your themes, the tags related tags have been renamed to be about... well, tags, not metadata anymore. The old tags are still supported for now but will be removed in a future version, please use the new ones as for now :

MetaData: Tags
MetaDataHeader: TagsHeader
MetaDataFooter: TagsFooter
MetaID: TagID
MetaPercent: TagPercent
MetaRoundPercent: TagRoundPercent
MetaAllURL: TagCloudURL
EntryMetaData: EntryTags

We wrote a plugin to ease the transition: it will add the translation for the faulty p404 sentence and can modify your themes and plugins for the JQuery and tags tags if you do not feel like doing it by hand. Do not rely on it, backup your themes  and plugins before and check that everything works after using it. This plugin will be available as an attachment to the blog post.


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Re : Dotclear 2.1.6 changes

Thanks for the info, very useful.

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