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#1 2012-09-09 20:59:52

Inscription : 2012-09-09

Set a page as landing page?

From the admin interface, is it possible to set a Page as the landing page instead of summarized Entries?

I actually will not be using Dotclear to post entries, only for Pages.

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#2 2012-09-10 09:50:20

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Re : Set a page as landing page?


By "landing page", you mean the page that should display when entering the website without anything in the URL? If so, I guess you have a white page at the moment, and then I see two possibilities:

  • - use a .htaccess file to redirect "/" requests to the correct page URL (that's probably what you're looking for)

  • - use the homePageMode2 plugin to create a new page for "/" requests.

Hope this helps!

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#3 2012-09-12 03:23:05

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Re : Set a page as landing page?

If you are wondering if you have missed a setting (like in Wordpress) that allows to say, here is my Home page, Yes and No.

I'm currently setting up a DC for somebody who doesn't plan to write a blog but wants to have only "pages" (as known from Wordpress). The only difference is that DC can't deal with sub-pages (or children-pages as it's called in Wordpress).

You can disable all "blog-typical" things in your CSS like category, tags, comments, pings, attachments and date and so on with "display: none;" and write only one entry for Home. All other content can be written on pages. You use Simple menu for navigation

{{tpl:SimpleMenu id="sn-top" class="supranav nosmall"}}

. Using Simple menu allows you to have your own menu order.

I myself used Categories (1 entry per category) as navigation, because I was asked to create space for sub-navi entries (children-pages) and made an independent index.html with link to the first page (category) as requested.
I needed to set Entries per page "1" in About:config, otherwise Safari/iPad ignored

<tpl:Entries lastn="1">

in tpl/home.html.

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I Dotclear.

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