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#1 2019-02-09 17:00:56

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DB Error, session table missing


I did an upgrade to the recent version. The site is displayed correctly. But when I try to login as admin I get the DB Error message (sqlite):

Database error
There seems to be no Session table in your database. Is Dotclear completely installed?

What did I miss?

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#2 2019-02-10 07:16:49

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Re : DB Error, session table missing

What was your old DC version?

While installing Dotclear, the installer connects to the database and creates "dc_" tables for blog, category, tag, post, ping etc, and sessions.

Can you log in into your domain cpanel (not sure what it's called on your side) and check if the table is listed? Do you have something like "phpMyAdmin"?
I checked my tables and I have a table for "dc_session".

I used phpPgAdmin to check this. I switched to a new database based on postgreSQL.

I Dotclear.

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