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Copy configuration settings of one DC installation to another DC

I have a couple of DotClear installs. One I have that is set up to my liking, all my settings are just right. The other is a bit of a pain in the you know what. What I would like to do is just copy the settings from the good DC install over to the rather finicky install without having to bounce back and forth between browsers and each and every setting entry.

Is this possible?

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Re : Copy configuration settings of one DC installation to another DC

I am not sure it is possible.

What I would try though, would be a full export from the working install. Then I would edit the text file and keep only the parts you are interested in, i.e. blog settings and user settings

[setting setting_id,blog_id,setting_ns,setting_value,setting_type,setting_label] down to the next empty line


[pref pref_id,user_id,pref_ws,pref_value,pref_type,pref_label] same as previous

I would then try to import in the other blog

Not tested, you may have to change afterwards blog parameters such as url, so please be careful and work on a copy of the blog where you import ;)

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